The Law to a Great Lawn part 6

Story: The Law to a Great Lawn part 6
Episode: 7
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 29th April 2023

Trevor shares a fantastic lawn tip that will have your lawn thriving!

  • A beautiful lawn is so much more than just aesthetics - it’s the setting for family BBQs, a soccer pitch for the kids and a place for the family dog to exercise. 
  • In short, your lawn puts up with a lot, so no wonder it can look a little worse for wear sometimes, which is why I recommend a regular feed using Scott’s Lawn Builder Lawn Fertiliser!
  • Simply use a spreader to apply and sit back as it helps to thicken your grass to prevent weeds, boost its root system to keep it healthy and to top it all off keeps your lawn green all season long!

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