Crepe Myrtle

Episode: 12
Title: Crepe Myrtle
Broadcast: Sat Oct 29th
Presenter: Melissa King

One of Melissa’s favorite small trees is the Crepe Myrtle, which tolerates hot weather with fantastic foliage, stunning summer flowers and mottled bark. Melissa discovers some Crepe Myrtles that have something extra special to offer.

  • Diamonds in the Dark series bloom from Summer into late Autumn and grow upto 3m high and 2m wide being the perfect selection for any size garden.
  • Deep foliage and bright flowers create wonderful contrast.
  • Crepe myrtles are fantastic for framing a garden, in pots or mass planting.
  • There are many different colour selections to choose from and resistant from mildew.
  • Blush has wonderful soft pink blooms through Summer in addition to a selection of red hot varietys.