Richgro Beat a Bug Spray

Episode: 12
Title: Richgro Beat a Bug Spray - Natural Selection for Killing Pests
Broadcast: Sat Oct 29th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Chilli and garlic sprayed over vegies are both great for keeping away sucking and chewing pests in your garden. However once the first rains come it washes away and the pests are back. Trevor shows how you can keep the nasties away with natural Richgro Beat-A-Bug Insect Spray.

  • Ready to use Richgro trigger spray is soft on the environment but great for getting rid of sucking and chewing insects Ideal for raised garden beds as it’s a great natural selection that works.
  • an organic solution that comes in a trigger spray and a concentration for those larger areas.
  • Remember to use gloves and don’t pick vegetable for 24 hours after spraying.
  • A fantastic solution for Aquaponics as its completely natural.
  • If you have a serious bug problem be sure to repeat in 10-12 days after first application.

P: (08) 6258 7100