Waterwise Verge Makeover pt 2

Episode: 7
Title: Waterwise Verge Makeover pt 2
Broadcast: Sunday Dec 18th 3:30pm
Presenter: Faye Arcaro and Emma Britten-Jones

We join the Gurus on their mission to transform Perth’s verges, one garden at a time. Gin won an install of a beautiful waterwise garden during her visit to the Garden Gurus display at the Royal Show. Her garden’s not that big, but it’s about to be attractive!

  • It’s estimated that a standard lawn verge can use up to 20,000 liters of quality drinking water during the heat of summer.
  • The display from the royal show has been altered to suit council regulations, with no pavers through the garden, as well as a meter gap between the curb and the plants.
  • The mulch isn’t raised above the curve level, allowing the water to drain through to the plants.
  • In Western Australia we have free-draining soil, which means we want to encourage the water to run towards the roots of the plant where it’s most needed. By planting your plant deeper than you usually would and creating a bowl like effect, this will get the water where you need it.
  • A scoop of Seasol Planting Gel in the bottom of the hole will provide moisture and slow release Seasol that will help your plants to thrive.
  • Faye and Emma discuss the beautiful natives that are being used in this waterwise garden and the little maintenance they need.
  • Aquamor from Eclipse Soils has everything you should look for in mulch.  Courser, regular particle sizes allow the water to move rapidly through it, into the root zone where it’s needed.

The Garden Gurus
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