Zeolite in Ponds

Episode: 7
Title: Zeolite in Ponds
Broadcast: Sunday Dec 18th 3:30pm
Presenter: Calinda Anderson

When we talk about saving water in the garden, we often talk about soil amendments that help hold water and nutrient and zeolite features prominently in many products that hold this role. Did you know zeolite is really valuable at saving you time and energy? Calinda shows us why.

  • Zeolite is a naturally occurring volcanic rock that binds to and absorbs ammonia, which is everything that must be removed from the pond to keep it clear, clean and healthy.
  • Overdosing is not a problem- you can never use too much zeolite.
  • To apply, cast into the pond, coating the water layer upon layer. It will take approximately 20 minutes to settle. You may need to do it everyday for up to two weeks. If you have not noticed a dramatic change within the two-week period, apply more, more often.
  • Choosing zeolite to control algae, over chemicals and algaecides, means that your water will be safer for fish, frogs, birds and insects that use your pond, as well as not effecting your other pond plants.
  • Zeolite acts as a nutrient exchange, so any stored nutrients will be released on demand to any plant with a root zone.
  • Algae and filamentous (string algae) don’t have roots, so coating them with zeolite will starve them, effectively cutting them out of the nutrient chain.
  • Why not look into filtering your pond correctly? Try zeolite to save you time, effort, maintenance and water.

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