Protect your Garden this Summer with this Water Saving Mulch

Episode: 7
Title: Protect your Garden this Summer with this Water Saving Mulch
Broadcast: Sunday Dec 18th 3:30pm
Presenter: Steve Wood

Growing veggies at home has never been so popular and as a professional grower Steve is the first to admit it can sometimes be pretty tricky. He shows us a simple and easy system to grow your own veggies.

  • Troforte Mineral Mulch by Sunpalm is lucerne based and contains natural plant growth stimulants.
  • The mulch contains Troforte MMM technology that includes minerals and microbes contained in easy to use cubes.
  • It expands up to 8 times its dry weight . One bag will expand to approximately 100 litres and lasts up tp 8-9 months, which means fantastic water holding capacity. This is a dry mulch and one bag covers up to 7 square meters whereas other ‘wet’ mulched only cover 2 square meters
  • Thermally processed, which makes it guaranteed to be weed and disease free. Light coloured straw ensures heat is reflected and keeps soils cooler in the hot months.
  • Mineral Mulch contains a high quality humic soil conditioner and short straw composition keeps snails at bay as they find it difficult to move over once the mulch is spread.
  • This product is Australian made.

P: (08) 9302 1633