Episode: 8
Title: Superfoods
Broadcast: April 21st 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

We talk a lot about herbs, veggies and fruit that have super qualities for better health but there’s a much bigger story at play you need to be conscious of… Trev explains.

  • Last year around this time Trev dug the Yacon out of his garden in places and harvested and dived the plants. Yacon is incredibly good for you, its fiber improves gut health and a non-soluble sugar in it takes sugar out of your system reducing the amount your body absorbs.. and as a result you lose weight… that’s right, lose weight!
  • As you can imagine the email went crazy as people searched far and wide for Yacon plants, and there are some around but it’s not easy.
  • Many people who got this plant last year will begin harvesting now and the important thing to remember is that plants gather much of the goodness we get from them from the soil, they take minerals and allow us to absorb them. If they don’t have them, we end up missing out too.
  • So the important thing is to make sure your crops are being fed with a comprehensive plant food. It doesn’t matter if they are fruit, veg or even herbs, much of the goodness you get from them results from the soil being rich in nutrients.
  • The truth is we have to supplement every time we grow a crop because plants will deplete the soil of these minerals and that’s why you might end up with a calcium, magnesium or iron deficiency.
  • That’s why you see us adding Troforte M before we harvest food. It’s the 60 macro and micro nutrients in this that boost strong healthy plant growth and 24 beneficial soil microbes that improve the soils health that make such a difference to the crops and subsequent nutritional benefits.
  • So, if you have citrus producing fruit now, or maybe your planting winter vegies, boost your soil with a comprehensive plant food, if it’s got beneficial soil microbes then even better! But the important message is to make sure your plants get a proper diet of micro and macro nutrient and if they do they will be healthier, so you will too!

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