Pruning Fruit Trees

Episode: 8
Title: Pruning Fruit Trees
Broadcast: April 21st 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

We often get asked questions about fruit quality and how to get larger, juicer plumper fruit. There’s two very important tricks: feeding, and pruning.

  • We’re not talking about pruning the fruit sets but pruning right now when the fruit is establishing.
  • Trevor shows us a custard apple, it’s a really unusual south American fruit that gets its name because of the sweet creamy texture of the flesh inside this really unusual fruit. This is a hardy tree and grows in most places in Australia and the giant self-fertile form in Trev’s garden is really hitting its straps.
  • The fruit are said to have strong anti-cancer and heart health benefits, as well as being a very good source of Vitamin C and many other trace minerals we need for a healthy body.
  • There’s a lot of growth on this tree. It’s getting too big and if pruned carefully the result will be huge fruit, and a lot of it. So what you need to do is carefully reduce the amount of branches and foliage on this tree.
  • The idea of course is not to take fruit off so cutting back to the fruit will mean all the goodness is injected into it as new foliage starts to appear around it. This brings the crop on faster which means you will be harvesting a big crop much earlier than usual.
  • We’re only looking to remove some internal branches that have no fruit and cross over some of the others potentially damaging them or robbing them of light, this opening up of the tree will allow for easier picking later.
  • There are different tools available, but the new Fiskars PowerGear2 loppers make the job easier. With this technology, its gear driven leverage ensures cuts are clean and larger wood can be cut through.
  • This extendable pruner allows access to 4 meters without needing to climb a ladder, which is very important as more injuries happen outdoors to people falling off ladders than anything else.
  • This pruning tip applies to all trees when in fruit and will result in bigger, juicier, more succulent fruit. If you do prune, make sure you give the tree a feed of controlled release plant food, and then stand back, it will recover quickly and look fantastic!

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