Architecturally Inspired Transformation

Episode: 8
Title: Architecturally Inspired Transformation
Broadcast: April 21st 2018
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Nige has come to Perth to visit his mate Jason who loves to work on his garden, it’s a work in progress, and today we’re going to make a few improvements...some of them much needed!

  • First job is to pull out the old pavers to create a narrow garden bed.
  • Wherever you have a lawn and garden bed meeting some form of edging makes maintenance easier and gives the area more definition. Oxy Shield is a metal edging with a beautiful, earthy, rusty patina, much in vogue in landscaping and easy to install.
  • Oxy Shield is made from durable long-lasting steel, similar to stainless. The rust look develops over time and is intentional (of course) on the surface, oxidizing to form a protective coating resistant to corrosion and flaking.
  • To speed up the oxidizing wipe the surface and then lightly hose to see it transform in front of your eyes like magic! This amazing process means every piece is different.
  • The Oxy Shield panels make a great feature with some very cool and contemporary laser cut designs. They can be mounted to walls and fences or used as partition and privacy screens.
  • To make your trees really pop, there are a range of tree and podium rings, pre-rolled and ready to go. Tap into place and lock together. As well as their aesthetic appeal, tree rings, when used in lawns, will protect the trunk and maintain the trees garden bed much like the edging does.

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