Celebrate Cherries

Episode: 8
Title: Celebrate Cherries
Broadcast: April 21st 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

We love new and interesting plants like these and today we show you something really different.

  • If you love cherries (and there’s nothing quite like fresh Cherries!) these dwarf cherries have been released by PlantNet.
  • We have four all-time favourite varieties Morello, Stella, Lappins and Sir Don that have been grafted onto a dwarfing rootstock.
  • They only grow to 2.5 meters high and a similar width when mature but produce full sized plump cherries. This makes them ideal for large tubs or small gardens and it makes picking so much easier than the usual 5 to 7-meter-high trees they would grow into.
  • That makes them ideal for the average backyard, imagine them lining a path to your front door and in flower... magnificent.
  • Best of all the trees are self-fertile, meaning you only need one tree to enjoy delicious fruit. They are available as bare rooted trees in Victoria this winter but are not available in WA or SA this year.

P: (07) 3491 9905
W: www.plantnet.com.au