The Diaco’s Garden Nursery Story

Episode: 8
Title: The Diaco’s Garden Nursery Story
Broadcast: April 21st 2018
Presenter: Melissa King

They say gardening is in the blood and nowhere is that more true than at Diaco’s Garden Nurseries – a group of family-run garden centers with a passionate team that live and breathe gardening.

  • The Diaco’s family story began in 1949 when Antonio Diaco moved to Australia from Southern Italy with his wife and four children. Antonio had a strong set of values. He believed in hard work, honesty and a passion and commitment to customer service. These values remain the foundation of the Diaco’s Garden Nurseries to this day.
  • Diaco’s Garden Nursery started as a 4-day pop up plant market in Heatherton in 2000 and has grown to 5 beautiful garden centers.
  • Their vision is to bring back the local garden center – the friendly neighborhood nursery that you can rely on, that knows your what plants thrive in your area - a place where staff have the time and the passion to give you practical advice on your garden
  • Mel speaks to Peter Goutos, Manager at Diaco’s brand new Kielor store. Peter lives just around the corner and find the job very rewarding.
  • Peter loves running this nursery, and being part of the local community. From advice on plants all the way to bigger landscape projects, to educational and trade workshops for gardeners of all levels. It’s great to share some tips and secrets together about our local area.
  • Not just Victoria, Diaco’s are looking to expand their family Australia wide through franchising opportunities.
  • Next time you’re out shopping for new additions to your own garden, don’t forget the local family run garden centers.

Diaco’s Garden Nursery