Garden Girl Gloves

Title: Garden Girl Gloves
Date: September 1st
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

When we need to achieve something in the garden we look for a particular tool to do so... And the same goes for when choosing a pair of garden gloves. There isn’t just one glove for all jobs.

  • GardenGirl have made it easy to find the right pair. The weeding gloves are a great option when sowing seeds, fertilising, spraying, weeding and working with young seedlings, as you can really feel what you are doing.
  • Thermal gloves can make gardening in the winter a lot more enjoyable. They have a nice thick thermal lining, are water-proof and a non-slip grip. Lifting larger pots, working with mulch or stones can be a lot more comfortable and easier.
  • General Purpose garden gloves are great when tackling the heavier tasks at hand. Some have an in-built protective cuff which shields your wrists and the leather gloves are made from goatskin which is regarded as one of the best leathers for gardening gloves, this is because they are extremely soft, supple and strong.
  • Rose pruning is one of those jobs you either love or dislike, because you never know how many thorns you might get stung by. But having a proper pair of Rose Gloves, they have these long sleeves which will protect your arms from any thorns.
  • Last in the lot is the spandex gloves which are a great all-rounder. They are good for everyday wear… they are light, comfortable, durable and the best part the spandex allows the gloves to breathe
  • Garden Girl gloves are designed for women. Choose gloves that leave a little bit of room and lastly choose the gloves best suited for the type of work you are planning to do in the garden!

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