Sproutwell Greenhouses - how to keep your greenhouse cool in summer

Episode: 12
Title: Sproutwell Greenhouses - how to keep your greenhouse cool in summer
Broadcast: November 10th, 2018
Presenter: Melissa King

We often think of greenhouses as warm cosy places where plants can grow and thrive through the cooler months, but with the right set up a greenhouse can provide perfect summer conditions too – so you can enjoy greenhouse growing all year round.

  • Sproutwell greenhouses are designed so that your plants can flourish in every season and they cater for gardeners living and growing in a range of different climates - to ensure that you can continue growing your favourite flowering and fruiting beauties through the hotter months.
  • Now that we’re moving into summer our focus shifts to what we can do to keep the Greenhouse cool and avoid heat stress on our plants. The first thing to think about is a Shade System.
  • A greenhouse can be fitted with an over the top shading system which is proven to be more effective than internal shading. The woven aluminum fabric is designed to reflect the sun. So, heat doesn’t penetrate through the cloth and warm the Greenhouse. In fact, it reduces internal temperatures by up to 10-12 degrees.
  • The other key factor is ventilation. Most green houses have the option of doors at each end that can be opened in hot weather. Greenhouses can also be fitted with louvers in the side-walls, a misting system and manual and automated roof vents to help cool the space. So, no matter how hot it gets your Sproutwell Greenhouse can provide the perfect growing environment for happy little plants.

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