Diamonds in the Dark Crepe Myrtles

Title: Diamonds in the Dark Crepe Myrtles
Episode: 15
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Date: December 8th, 2018

There are few plants that stand up to the Australian environmental challenges as well as Crepe Myrtles, and the stunning new Diamonds in the Dark collection is no exception.

  • Crepe Myrtles are large shrubs/small trees that can handle extreme cold, scorching heat and even tropical conditions. Their amazing trunks are a feature in themselves, and the flowers are beautiful, delicate and crepe-like.
  • The new Diamonds in the Dark collection features all of these attributes set against a black foliage. The collection consists of 9 different flower colours, and look absolutely incredible offset against a dense canopy of dark foliage.
  • Colours include the dramatic contrast of Pure White, the blood red Crimson Red, and for something different, Purely Purple. Mystic Magenta has flowers of a bright magenta colour, and Lavender Lace offers a subtler hue.
  • Pruned up, they make a gorgeous small tree that is ideal for street verges, and they can grow well in a large tub, making them perfect for courtyard gardens. They reach no more than 3 metres high and 2.5 metres wide and can be purchased from your local garden centre – they’ll go fast though!

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