Scotts Lawn Builder™ Grub + Insect Control

Title: Scotts Lawn Builder™ Grub + Insect Control
Episode: 15
Presenter: Steve Wood
Date: December 8th, 2018

Controlled feeding and keeping insects under control makes up a huge part of keeping your lawn healthy, and Scotts have made it a whole lot easier to do this.

  • Scotts Lawn Builder Grub and Insect Control is a combination slow release fertiliser plus insecticide. It comes in a handy granular formulation and is suitable for all lawns.
  • Whereas traditional lawn fertilisers release all of their nutrients at once, Scotts Lawn Builder uses patented technology to ensure that the nutrients are released slowly and continuously over a three-month period.
  • The active insecticide in this product is bifenthrin. This is a chemical that poses a very small risk to humans and domestic pets when used as directed on the label. The range of insects controlled is extensive, including cutworm, billbug and black ants.
  • Trials have developed a fast knockdown effect with pest population being reduced to zero within 24hrs. In addition, this product can be applied dry – a huge advantage when it comes to working with water restrictions.

P: 1800 804 219