Holman raised garden beds

Title: Holman raised garden beds
Episode: 15
Presenter: Steve Wood
Date: December 8th, 2018

Growing your own veggies is an absolute joy, and having the choice of soil we grow our produce in and selecting natural inputs gives us the ability to produce some of the healthiest food on the planet.

  • Holman raised garden beds offer the ideal opportunity to start your garden from scratch. Bringing in a fresh, organic blended soil will make sure your garden gets off to the perfect start.
  • Installing a Holman raised garden bed is simple – there are no bolts or tools required, and it can be built in minutes. The recycled wood/plastic composite panels are rust and termite resistant, making it the ultimate DIY project.
  • The entire Holman raised garden bed range comes with an inbuilt watering system that can be connected to a tap timer with a garden hose, or polypipe for use with automatic irrigation systems.
  • The modular system of the Holman raised garden beds lets you stack multiple units on top of each other, allowing for complete design freedom. You also have the opportunity to relocate them as required, which can be important when the seasons are changing.

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