Environmentally Friendly Mulching and Top Dressing

Story Title: Environmentally Friendly Mulching and Top Dressing
Episode: One
Broadcast Date: 15th September 2012
Presenter: Adam Woodhams

A key aim of sustainability is closing the loop, such as diverting useful materials from landfill. Adam takes a look at one such facility that is helping to close the gap.

Handy facts

  1. Every year, the SITA Advanced Resource Recovery Technology Centre (AART) facility in Sydney diverts 50,000 tonnes of material from landfill, reducing waste and avoiding greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Materials such as home garden green waste, manures, waste sand and fine pine bark are turned into top-quality landscape and garden products.
  3. SITA Organics products are also used around Australia for sustainable soil management in a range of applications such as horticulture and agriculture, as well as commercial landscaping and soil rehabilitation.

Featured products

  1. Garden-ARRT Premium Enhancer
  2. Garden-ARRT Enhancer
  3. Garden-ARRT EarthBlanket
  4. Lawn-ARRT Vitagro

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