Story Title: Chainsaws
Episode: Six
Broadcast Date: 12th May 2012
Presenter: Kim Syrus and Adam Woodhams

Kim and Adam road test chainsaws and discover the best ones for your gardening needs.

Tips and Tricks

  1. There are 2 options when it comes to chainsaws. Electric chainsaws are great for doing jobs at home where a power source is readily available. A petrol chainsaw is perfect if you’re going to be in a more remote location.
  2. When buying a chainsaw check for ease of use. The lighter the chainsaw the easier it will be for you to maneuver and control.
  3. Always wear the correct safety equipment when operating a chainsaw: gloves, eye protection, earmuffs and enclosed shoes (preferably steel caps).
  4. A safety chain brake is a must. This engages if the chainsaw suddenly kicks back and will stop the chain from running and causing serious injury.


Featured Products

Ozito Electric Chainsaw 1800W 355MM

Ozito Petrol Chainsaw 25.4CC 305MM


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