Futuristic Lawnmowers

Story Title: Futuristic Lawnmowers
Episode: Ten
Broadcast Date: 8th December 2012
Presenter: Adam Woodhams

Finally after years of dislocated shoulders and petrol spilling accidents the gardening gods have given us an easy, no fuss lawnmower and Adam is going to test it out for you.

Cutting the Grass

  • The lawnmower comes with a rechargeable battery and will cut up to 400m2 on a single battery charge
  • The zero emissions makes it a great choice for the environmentally conscious gardener
  • The lawnmower is light weight, weighing in at only 16kg
  • A 40 litre catcher means you don't have to stop as often to empty out the clippings and the catcher is easily removed for disposal

Featured Product
Ozito 36V Lithium Ion Lawnmower


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Bangholme, VIC
P: 1800 069 486
W: www.ozito.com.au