Tea of the Week - Lemonzap

Story Title: Tea of the Week - Lemonzap
Episode: Eight
Date: April 24th 2010
Presenter:  Clive Larkman

Feeling stressed and anxious? Try Clive Larkman's Lemonzap tea which will help you relax and concentrate.

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Renaissance Herbs

  • Larkman Nurseries are the Victorian grower of Renaissance Herbs.
  • Lemonzap Tea has a sensational flavour and helps to relax a stressed mind and a rumbling stomach. Tastes great either hot or cold.
  • The Lemon and Lime Verbena in this recipe have refreshing qualities. Sage adds a little piquant and is also good for mental stimulation.
  • Lemonzap Recipe:
    • Place several leaves of Lemon Verbena, Lime Verbena and the Lemon Balm in a cup.
    • Chop and add one large Pineapple Sage leaf and one small common Sage leaf in the cup. Pour in boiling water.
    • Let infuse for 3 mins then enjoy
  • All these herbs are available in the Renaissance range at your local garden centre.

Click here to find your nearest Renaissance Herbs supplier.


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