Growing Citrus

Story Title: Growing Citrus
Episode: Five
Broadcast Date: 14th October 2012
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Growing citrus varieties can be a tricky and unfruitful past time, but Trevor has a secret up his sleeve to ensure your success

Citrus Basics

  • Budha's Hand Citron is a great fruit to use in Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese cooking dishes
  • The claw like fruit look like something out of a children's story book and are filled with quite a sour juice
  • Growing the tree is relatively easy but soak the tree in a Seasol solution before planting to reduce transplant shock. Once in the ground feed it with Seasol Powerfeed once a week to ensure great results
  • The Citron needs free draining soil and a sizeable watering in once planted for best results

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