Garden Design – Eckersley Garden Architecture

Episode: 3
Title: Garden Design – Eckersley Garden Architecture
Broadcast: 19th September 2015
Presenter: Bethany Williamson

This beautiful garden in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs breaks the mold when it comes to a typical family garden.

  • Designed by Eckersley Garden Architecture, the garden in both beautiful and functional with the garden broken up into different zones.
  • The entertaining area is close to both the house and the pond, taking advantage of the sound of water.
  • The paved terrace connects the studio with the house and the steps leads up to the kids’ area where there is an in-ground trampoline and trail of curved paths.
  • Everyday garden utilities like the vegie patch and water tanks have been cleverly tucked away from view.
  • Eckersley Garden Architecture understands that our gardens are places we got to relax and for our kids to enjoy, they use the best methods and different types of foliage to create extraordinary textures within our gardens.

Contact: Eckersley Garden Architecture - +61 3 9413 3215