Indoor Pot Magic

Story Title: Indoor Pot Magic
Episode: Seven
Broadcast Date: 5th October 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Growing herbs in the kitchen makes sense and Trev shows you a great new pot range that will make it a clean, attractive feature in your kitchen.

Fresh Cooking

  • If you want the best tasting food, food people just fall in love with and demand more of, you have to include fresh ingredients and the most important fresh ingredients are the flavours from herbs
  • Picking an aesthetically pleasing lightweight pot for your herbs means you can bring them into the kitchen when you need them and they'll just look like part of your interior design!
  • You need to pack the pot full of herbs, don't be scared to use then side by side, they will grow up against each other competing and this means you can harvest more regularly
  • Trev's top tip is to have 3 herb pots on the go at one time and rotate them from your kitchen bench to the outside area once a week. Ensuring you always have the freshest supply of herbs
  • The Décor Self-Watering range is available in Australia from your local Bunnings store


Featured Product
Oblong Self-watering Square Pots