Preparing Your Deck

Episode: 1
Title: Preparing Your Deck
Broadcast: 5th September 2015
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Being a natural material, timber is affected by the elements which can damage it over time but are easily kept in check with regular cleaning and protection. Like with all projects, preparation is the key and before any oiling or staining can happen, it is critical to clean the deck and get it ready.

  • Ensure you hose the deck with water before you start cleaning and it is vital to have the right gear for the job such as the Deck Hand bucket, stiff broom and of course, the Deck Clean.
  • Cabot’s Deck Clean is really easy to use. Just make sure you apply with a stiff bristled broom and always work down the grain for better penetration and cleaning. This ensures your timber is totally clean of dust, wax and grease before coating.
  • Deck Clean also removes tannins and oils that leach from new timber, a common occurrence with some hardwoods especially Merbau. Aside from being general maintenance and cleaning, it is also a crucial preparation to oiling to ensure deep penetration.
  • The main ingredient of Deck Clean is oxalic acid which is a naturally occurring, organic substance that is great for cleaning timber.
  • Leave the Deck Clean on for 15 minutes to do its thing and then rinse it off thoroughly. Deck Clean is also good for other timber structures, screens and furniture.
  • The Deck Hand bucket makes life easy as it has been specially designed for cleaning, oiling and staining decks.
  • The drainage tray can be flipped down for deck cleaning as well as prep and then flipped up for when it is time for oiling. The wide surface is suitable for broom heads, its 15L capacity is perfect for large jobs and it is easy to move around with your foot – perfect for the homeowner, keen DIY’er or the experienced professional.

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