Compost Tea

Episode: 1
Title: Compost Tea
Broadcast: 7th March
Presenter: Steve

The attributes of compost are simply amazing, a handful contains over a billion living microorganisms that feed on the organic matter in the soil and provide nutrition to our plants. Steve brews a Compost Tea to get vast quantities of those wonderful microorganisms into our garden more simply than before.

  • To make Compost Tea, you will require a 20 litre container filled with water, town supplied water must be left out for 24 hours for the chlorine to evaporate.

  • Pour a full of compost into a netted bag and place it into the bucket. Add a simple aquarium aerator to oxygenate the water to tease the microbes out of the compost.

  • Add two dessert spoons of natural molasses, two dessert spoons of Kelp and two dessert spoons of soya bean meal. All of these are available from your local stock feed supply.

  • Let this concoction bubble and brew for the next 24 hours, by then the number of microbes will have multiplied dramatically.

  • Dilute one litre of compost tea into 10 litres of water that’s been allowed to stand, rain water can be used straight away.

  • Ideally, Compost Tea should be applied to the garden during cool afternoons and early evening so that the sun does not harm the microbes.

  • Once you have applied the compost tea to your garden, feeding the soil with natural products like animal manures, seaweed and fish solutions will ensure the microbes keep multiplying and building healthy soils.