Fixing Those Patchy Lawns

Story Title: Fixing Those Patchy Lawns
Episode: Seven
Broadcast Date: 5th October 2013 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Controlling unsightly patches in your lawn is a common problem that gardeners face - luckily Trevor has discovered a brand new product that will make patchy lawns a thing of the past.

Patch Be Gone

  • The main damage to lawns becomes apparent in the early spring when annual winter weeds start dying off revealing brown patches in a sea of green
  • Lawns that are shaded, have become compacted or experience regular soakings with animal urine can develop patches, where weed seeds can spread to and invade and take a hold what was once a lovely lawn
  • Forking holes into the patches, removing any remaining weeds, applying gypsum to open the soil and making sure the soil is not dry are all processes important to assisting a lawns recovery from damage
  • Alternatively you can scratch the poor quality soil away to a depth of 5cm and remove the poor soil and any remnants of weeds so that there's no weeds or poor quality soil left and then apply the new lawn builder product Patch Magic
  • Repairing the patch is your next challenge and runner grasses like Buffalo take some time to recover and grow back across patches so adding a special growing medium and appropriate grass seed varieties will help the lawn make a rapid recovery

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