Natural Sprays

Story Title: Natural Sprays
Episode: Ten
Date: May 8th 2010
Presenter: Kim Syrus

The garden always needs attention and autumn is the best time to get on top of insects and fungal problems and the absolute best way is by spraying.


  • When spraying, always wear glasses, a mask and gloves plus long sleeves and pants. You can never be too careful even with less toxic chemicals. Limit spraying to calmer days and under 30 degrees, although it's always best to check on the back of the packet for specific temperatures.
  • Another really important tip that will keep your sprayer in top condition is clean it out well after every use, including the nozzles, hang upside down, let it drain and dry completely. Then store away.

Featured Products:

Hills 12 Litre Back Pack Garden Sprayer

  • The Hills 12 litre Back Pack works by pumping the handle which in turn raises and lowers a piston creating pressure in the unit which, on the press of the trigger, it releases the spray.
  • This robust model is designed for the larger garden when you need to cover a big area. These are great for spraying lawns for mites or broad leaf weeds. They are also great for applying a spray to a garden of fruit trees. The extra long lance on this model gets right into the canopy.

Hills 6 Litre Garden Sprayer

  • If you have a smaller yard, then a garden sprayer like this will be ideal. UV stabilized to last longer and the strap makes it easy to carry around the yard.
  • This is great for spraying fungicides on your roses or giving your shrubs a lovely foliar feed.

Hills 1 Litre Garden Sprayer

  • This trigger sprayer is small but robust and is just the go for keeping your indoor plants misted with Seasol or a dose of Pest Oil to tackle scale and mealy bug.

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