Wes Flemings Top 10 Trees

Story Title: Wes' Top 10 Trees
Episode: Five
Date: 3rd April 2010
Wes Fleming and Trevor Cochrane

Fleming's Nurseries is famous for top quality ornamental and fruit trees. Properly selected and site trees have many positive benefits around the home, helping to control the effects of wind, rain and sun.

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Fleming's Top 10 Trees makes choosing the right tree simple. Fleming's Top 10 Trees are listed on the Fleming's website: www.flemings.com.au

Fruit Trees Top 10 grow to about 4 x 4 m* and dwarf trees about 2.5m x 2.5m*
Small Trees Depending on the desired overall effect you can choose flowers, foliage or growth habit to give you the result you are looking for in your small garden or courtyard area.
Shade Trees Medium to large trees with moderate to quite dense canopies that
are ideal for providing summer shade.
Medium Trees A range of medium sized trees available to suit a wide variety of uses.
Autumn Trees Nothing beats brilliant autumn colour whether it's the stunning reds of the Lipstick maples or the always colourpacked Liquidambars.
Flowering Trees A quality range of great flowering trees - from the spectacular spring blossom of the Prunus and Malus to the stunning summer displays of Indian Summer® Crepe Myrtles.
Avenue Trees Trees featured in this category offer a stunning statement as an avenue, driveway, rural or streetscape planting.
Coastal Trees This section features trees that will cope with the sometimes difficult conditions that these areas can present.
Narrow Trees Strong upright trees that are ideal for use in narrow sites, such as along drives and as screens.
Drought Tolerant Trees Proven to be particularly adaptable and tolerant of dry conditions once established.
Weeping Trees A stunning feature tree in any garden, weeping trees make a big statement.
Purple Foliage Over recent years the range of quality purple foliaged cultivars has expanded significantly.

*Tree sizes estimated only at 20 years

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