Comparing Lawn Mowers

Story Title: Comparing Lawn Mowers
Episode: Two
Broadcast Date: 30th March 2013
Presenter: Kim Syrus

Australians love their little piece of lawn, whether it's large enough to play a game of backyard cricket on or just the right size for your tiny pooch to have a soft place to sleep. Considering we all have different turf needs it makes sense that there will be many lawnmower products out there, but which one will suit you?

Which mower is for you?

  • If you have a relatively small square patch of lawn than an electric mower would be the one for you. This will cover a small distance with a large amount of power and won't require mixing fuels or pulling your shoulder out trying to get the mower started
  • If you have a much larger patch of lawn but still don't like the idea of a petrol mower a lithium ion lawnmower is going to become your new best friend. These lawnmowers are whisper quiet, emit no emissions and with a push of a button you're on your way to giving the lawn a haircut
  • Finally if you only have an envelope size piece of lawn than a push reel mower will be your ideal match. Simple, effective and easily stored after use
  • The full range of Ozito lawnmowers are available at your local Bunnings store

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