The best tropical plants

Story Title: The best tropical plants
Episode: Ten
Date: May 8th 2010
Presenter:  Trevor Cochrane

Trevor and Darryl South from Darwin Plant Wholesalers highlight some of the top tropical plants which originate from the tropics and will add a tropical twist to your garden.

Featured Plants

  • Most of our indoor plants originate from climates that remain warm throughout the year with minimal variance in temperature and this is very similar to the environment at home. The majority of indoor plants in Australia are started in one form or another in the north of Australia and grown on in the southern states.
  • Radermachera Summerscent, a well known name, has rich green foliage and is very useful as an indoor plant withstanding indoor situations. It also can be used outside as a shrub or pot plant in warmer areas.
  • Aglaonemas have been used for many years as successful indoor plants. Many new highly coloured varieties which will be offered for sale in the near future. These plants have lots of red, pink, purple coloured foliage and are spectacular.
  • Cylindrical Sansiveria is an addition to the already popular mother in laws tongue. It may be used as an indoor plant and is extremely hardy; it does not require much attention or water and only needs to be watered in summer months.
  • Euphorbia Milli x Hybrid- this magnificent flowering Euphorbia is ideal as an indoor color plant, it requires good light, it has larger leaves which are shiny green and bright pink bracts and yellow flowers. Extremely hardy requiring only moderate watering.
  • Tradescantia Stars & Stripes- this well known species has a striking mate with lovely golden stripes which adds to the colour. A very useful indoor plant requiring good light, it is very reliable and may fit into more unusual situations. As with all tropical indoor plants watering needs to be reduced during winter and liquid fertilize in summer.
  • Exoecaria garden Clown- this excellent tropical Shrub provides excellent colour in the garden. This plant will grow in shade or a sunny position provided it gets well watered.
  • Polyscias victoriacea compacta- a very adaptable plant can be used indoor in cool areas. Provided there is adequate light, this dwarf polyscias commonly known as Aralia in the Tropics can be used in the garden and is an excellent border plant. Quite hardy and will grow well in light shade or full sun.
  • Two recent introductions are the well known Dianella sp Darwin Gold; a gold sport of Dianella Border silver and Djakarta Gold. This is very colorful and ideal ground covers and borders.


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