Living Picture Frames

Title: Living Picture Frames
Episode: 11
Broadcast Date: 11/05/14
Presenter: Trevor

For those of you who caught Trevor’s Strawberry Living Picture Frame and loved what you saw, check out how you can plant other great things like herbs and Earth Stars! These great frames can last for two years, and keep bugs away from your herbs, fruits and flowers.

  • Start with a weld-mesh 50mm sheet-cut it to size and the bend the outside edges upwards then secure to the weed-mat with cable ties
  • Cover the back of the frame with heavy duty black plastic, to stop moisture seeping through to the wall
  • Lay a drip-line through the frame, and secure with cable ties
  • Add coco-peat and Troforte, and water in with Seasol
  • Tie down the top of the frame
  • Cut holes along the weed-mat that are evenly spaced and can be planted into
  • Check out Collectors Corner for great, rare plants