Balinese Garden

Title: Balinese Garden
Episode: 6
Broadcast Date: 6/4/14
Presenter: Trevor

If you’ve ever felt like a getaway to a relaxing tropical destination, but didn’t have the time, maybe you should consider doing what this The Garden Gurus viewer did-which is bring a little slice of Bali to his own backyard. Daniel Charles has created a pretty special place in inner-city Melbourne, and Trevor pays him a visit.

  • Making a special garden like this really only requires a few things; carful observation, thought about your surroundings and environment, and dedication.
  • Daniel has had a passion for gardening for the last seven years. He was first inspired to build his tropical garden after a visit to Perth Zoo, and then his honeymoon to Thailand sealed the deal; Daniel’s passion was realized.
  • Daniel is a self-taught gardener; learning through trial, error  and a fair bit of research how to keep his tropical plants alive through Melbourne’s frosty winters.
  • He also employs the use of his ‘Bali hut’ to shelter shade-loving plants from the hot Australian sun-a great way of widening the range of plants he has in his garden, while keeping to his tropical theme.
  • You can check out Daniel’s garden on facebook; just search ‘Tropical Gardens’