Smart Sprayers

Story Title: Smart Sprayers
Episode: Ten
Broadcast Date: 8th December 2012
Presenter: Melissa King

At this time of year it can feel like you've permanently got a sprayer in your hands, trying to control weed infestations and pests that love the warmer weather, luckily Melissa has found a sprayer that will make it a whole lot easier to rid your garden of unwanted guests.

Top Tips

  • When targeting a few weeds a pre-mix herbicide will do the job however if you have a larger area to cover mixing your own becomes the better option
  • Having a sprayer with a wide mouth will make mixing your chemicals a whole lot easier and will help avoid spills
  • Constantly pumping a sprayer to pressurize it will give you a dead arm but the sprayer Melissa has found only needs to be pumped once
  • If your lawn is full of broad leaf weeds like plantain or dandelion don't waste time spot-spraying individual weeds. It's more effective to spray the whole area with a broadleaf specific herbicide

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