Turf Makeover

Story Title: Turf Makeover
Episode: 1
Date: 11 December 2010
 Trevor Cochrane

When planting a new garden anywhere in Australia, we have to think about the future of our environment. Naturally, turf is an important consideration; the wrong grass could not only be a water guzzler costing you more money but also be very high in maintenance.

Whilst there are a lot of grass varieties out there Trevor features a landscaper's favourite that looks like being a superstar grass for the typical Aussie backyard.

About Village Green

  • Village Green has a very efficient root system, which means you enjoy a green lawn with less watering and fertilising compared to most other lawn varieties.
  • Within five days of laying, Village Green will start sending down roots and will be well established within weeks. Quick establishment saves water and delivers a better result.
  • Village Green is a lawn with attitude. It not only looks great and is soft to touch but is tough enough to handle heavy wear from kids, dogs and cars.
  • Village Green's dense cover stops weeds from intruding and eliminates the need to use chemical sprays.
  • Unlike other varieties like buffalo and couch lawns, Village Green is winter active, which means it maintains a wonderful deep green colour all year round.


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