Pizza Perfection with Theo Kalogeracos

Story Title: Pizza Perfection with Theo Kalogeracos
Episode: Ten
Broadcast Date: 8th December 2012
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor lets his good mate and world champion pizza maker show you how to make a great tasting pizza to impress your friends this festive season

Pizza Perfection

  • The key to the perfect pizza is simplicity, don't pile on heaps of ingredients, be selective and go with 3 5 ingredients on the pizza
  • Put the cheese on the outside of the base as when the pizza is cooking it will melt inwards. Too much cheese in the middle will result in a soggy pizza
  • When sliding a pizza into a wood fired oven put semolina on the pizza spatula to help the pizza slide off, don't use flour as this will cause the pizza to stick to the spatula
  • To cook pizza like a world champion pick up a copy of Theo's latest book, full of delicious recipes and handy tips click here

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