Ultimate Garden Growth

Title: Ultimate Garden Growth
Episode: 9
Date: 6th November 2010
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

As weather warms, applying foliage absorbed nutrients gets sensational results for many plants; applying nutrients to the foliage reduces nutrient leaching which reduces waste and environmental impact. Trevor focuses on hanging baskets.

Miracle Gro MaxFeed- All Purpose

  • Tip; Don't compress the soil around the roots of these plants when firming them into the pot; they have sensitive roots and may die as a result of shock.
  • Indications it has a wetting agent, for all pots and particularly hanging baskets indications it has water storage crystals as they will hold a lot of the water you apply around the plants roots longer
  • Make sure the potting mix has controlled release fertilizer included and if you're going to get the best look out for biostimulants; this ensures the soils health is at its best and guarantees the plants grow beautifully.
  • Simply fill you pot half way and then place plants into the top. Then gently fill in the gaps once the pot is full with the same great potting mix. Don't be concerned about the plants being packed in tightly around each other; this creates competition and they push away from each other cascading over the side of the basket creating the hanging effect we desire.
  • Handy Tip; Miracle Gro applied over the foliage of indoor plants produces strong and rapid growth results.
  • It's a liquid fertilizer. Mixed into a watering can and applied over the foliage the nutrients are absorbed through the plants leaves and roots and this direct burst of energy sustains amazing growth.
  • If you have some old tired looking pot plants and you'd like to bring back that lustrous healthy sheen to their foliage, and then drench them with Miracle Gro Maxfeed. You will be amazed at the results.


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