A Guide to Planting Bare Root Trees

Story Title: A Guide to Planting Bare Root Trees
Episode: Six
Date: 10th April 2010
Wes Fleming

Wes shares his tips on planting bare root trees and how to look after the trees on your property.

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  • Planting a tree in its dormant, 'winter' state is the best time.
  • A bare root tree is grown naturally in a paddock rather than in a pot. In early winter they're dug up, all soil is washed off the roots and they are shipped into stores.
  • The difference between planting a bare root tree and a potted tree is a potted tree will have 100% of its roots at the time of purchase, whereas a bare root tree has left about 50% of its roots in its growing location.
  • You need to prune a bare root tree to bring the top of the tree into balance with the root system remember 50% of the roots are left in the paddock!

    Therefore you need to prune 50% off the top of the tree to help the roots generate enough energy to feed the top of the tree when it comes into its growing season in spring.
  • Your hole needs to be 1 and a half times the size of the root ball. Replace a bit of the soil back. Put your tree in and fill in the hole. You can add a little organic matter ask your local garden centre for a quality mix. Place a little fertiliser at the top of the hole where it can soak into the roots.
  • You must water the tree. Give the tree two standard buckets of water on day one and one bucket once a week through to the end of spring.

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