Raised Vegetable Patch

Story Title: Raised Vegetable Patch
Episode: Five
Date: 3rd April 2010
Kim Syrus

Maximising space and creating gardens in even difficult spaces can easily be achieved using raised garden beds. Putting them together is child's play. Kim shows how.

Featured Product
Hills Adda Garden Beds

    • Vegie patch, flower bed or herb garden.
    • Easily assembled in 15 minutes.
    • Step-by-step handy hints booklet.
    • Galvanised steel construction.
    • Carton dimensions - L 1.1m x W 320mm x H 70mm.
    • Carton weight 8kg.
    • Requires 12 bags (25 litre bags) soil.
    • Re-use carton to line the garden bed.
    • Retail at only $99 per unit.

  • One thing the children at Kilkenny Primary know about is growing their own food. Through the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, this school and hundreds like it around Australia are teaching lessons these kids will remember for the rest of their lives.
  • Flat packed raised garden beds are so easy to transport. It also makes a big difference when the instructions are easy to read. Galvanized steel is an excellent light weight and durable material that will stand up to the weather and be around for years.
  • The best position is full morning sun but shade in the late afternoon. A few extra beds won't go astray either. Spend some time working out the configuration that best suits your yard. These raised garden beds are excellent for any garden, especially if you don't have lots of space or find it hard to grow in the ground.
  • Start by lining the base with the old carton then fill with potting mix. You could use bags of potting mix, you'll need around 12 to fill, and another way is to have a bulk delivery, ask for Premium potting mix, it has the fertilizer already included.
  • Finish with the potting mix about 10 centimetres below the top. Now, it's planting time. Pick your favourite vegetables and get going. It's a great feeling knowing you'll soon be picking your own fresh food. Once they're planted, water in and add some mulch.


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