Living Picture Frames

Story Title: Living Picture Frames
Episode: Two
Broadcast Date: 30th March 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

If ever there was a personal way to express creativity is has to be through gardening, it hits all the sensory marks in our lives, it shows the things that delight us most and it brings us comfort as we are never as close to nature as when we are tending or spending time in a garden. The problem is a large number of us don't have gardening space, but there is an answer

Living Art

  • Trevor was recently set a challenge by a high end restaurant in Perth to create a living element to their restaurant that wouldn't take up too much space and this is where the living picture frame idea began
  • Trevor and the team created 8 picture frames, each one consisting of a self watering wall frame planted up with a selection of different plants in patterns, foliage texture and colour variations. The team then framed the design by creating a picture frame using recycled materials
  • The 50mm mesh frames have watering systems within them utilising drip line so water is distributed evenly around the plants roots
  • The plants are grown in a coco peat soil medium that has been activated with Troforte M
  • Once mixed into the coco peat and wet down the frames are wired together and weed mat material is placed across the front of the frame. At that point you start planting and that's where you can be very creative
  • Planting herbs is a great way to have a living spice rack in your kitchen
  • Once the picture frame has been planted allow the plants to root properly for about 2 weeks before hanging your work of art on the wall

Lalla Rookh