Straw Bales Planters

Story Title: Straw Bale
Episode: 7
Broadcast Date: 04th May 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor tries out straw bale gardening, which is a type of container gardening that uses straw bales as both the container and the planting medium.

Straw Bale Tips

  • Straw bales make fantastic planters for gardens
  • Use them in the winter months so they don't cause a fire hazard
  • This technique is perfect for growing traditional summer crops like tomatoes, capsicum, basil and cool sensitive plants through the winter
  • Grab your bales of straw and lay them in position
  • Open up pockets inside that you'll fill with composted sheep or cow manure and potting mix
  • Plant your choice of vegetable and herb seedlings into the pockets – they'll grow well together no matter what you select
  • As the soil breaks down it turns into compost and makes a warm growing medium for the roots and encourages growth
  • Come spring time, it's broken down to a compost to return to your garden bed
  • To find out more about straw bale gardening click here