Yates Liquid Copper

Episode: 9
Title: Yates Liquid Copper
Broadcast: 9th May
Presenter: Kim Syrus

If there are splotches of white and grey on the leaves of your plants then you need to act against it. Kim teams up with Yates to bring you a fantastic solution for this problem.

  • Cold nights and new growth work beautifully for powdery mildew, a fungal disease that can affect a wide arrange of plants.
  • Yates Liquid Copper contains a form of copper called copper ammonium complex, which is totally soluble – unlike copper powders such as copper oxychloride or copper hydroxide that form crystals in the solution. Meaning it won’t block your nozzle.
  • Liquid Copper is a protectant fungicide that sticks firmly into place, forming an impenetrable barrier that prevents the entry of bacterial and fungal spores.
  • It releases copper ions in the presence of moisture, making it very effective on diseases that need free water present to develop.
  • Liquid Copper controls leaf curl, blights, downy mildew and many more fungal diseases.

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