Recycling your garden, part 2

Episode: 8
Title: Recycling your garden, part 2
Broadcast: 2nd May
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor returns with more tips on how recycling your garden can help save spending money.

  • Collecting your own seed is very beneficial, every generation grown in your garden grows better as it adapts and evolves to perform best in your garden environment and climate.

  • Collect jars for the seeds, lids are handy but are optional. If you’re growing corn, leave some inside a jar, let the crop dry on the plant in a warm, dry place in winter, preferably a shed. When spring comes around, your seed is ready for planting; the seed will have fallen into the base of the jar.

  • Sunflowers are the same case, although their seeds, once dry, should be picked soon after the flower has finished and the back of the flower head starts to yellow.

  • For fruit trees, try growing an avocado. The seeds will germinate readily, even in a jar of water with toothpicks holding them up, but planting in a 200mm pot now will see them germinate and grow slowly over winter.

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