The Wonders of Watercress

Episode: 9
Title: The Wonders of Watercress
Broadcast: 9th May
Presenter: Calinda Anderson

Calinda displays the King and Queen of all edible water plants, the watercress.

  • Preferring to be planted in shallow running water, the hollow stems of watercress will then float and spread across the surface of the water.
  • Even if you don’t have moving water, you can plant watercress into a floating basket. You won’t need to use any soil or gravel, as watercress loves having its roots exposed directly with the water, where it can take up nutrients.
  • Watercress is sometimes sold in supermarkets in sealed plastic bags, but with a shelf life of only one to two days it is difficult to find fresh. Growing at home will be the best way to ensure you have a good supply of organically grown watercress.
  • It’s the new leaves and stems of the watercress that are best harvested, by picking these leaves continually during the growing season will ensure strong, repeat growth.