Yates - Caterpillars

Episode: 3
Title: Yates - Caterpillars
Broadcast: 28th March
Presenter: Kim

Kim Syrus teams up with Yates to stop the caterpillar infestation from destroying your fruits and vegetables.

  • Yates Success Ultra controls caterpillars on vegetables. It contains spinetoram, the latest generation insect control derived from beneficial soil bacteria.
  • Spinetoram has transaminar movement, which means it moves into the leaf, making the solution resistant to rain and sunlight once the spray has dried. It controls caterpillars on contact.
  • It is a low toxic formulation which makes it safe to use on edible plants.
  • It also has a short withholding period, which means some crops do not have to wait as long for Success Ultra to take effect.
  • It can also be used on herbs, vegetables, fruit trees and ornamental plants for caterpillars and other insect pests like thrips, codling moth, pear/cherry slug and citrus leaf miner.

Contact: Yates - 1300 369 074