Fast Action Weed Killer

Story Title: Fast Action Weed Killer
Episode: Two
Broadcast Date: 22nd September 2012
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Wiping weeds out fast has always been a big challenge for home gardeners, that is, until a great new fast action weed killer was released on the market.
Wiping Out Weeds

  • Did you know? Flickweed grows strongly in shaded positions and is often introduced into gardens through nursery-grown pot plants.
  • Acting on weeds fast is the key to wiping them out quickly, for example, flickweed has the ability to produce 62,000 plants from a single seed!
  • Round-up Fast Action is double the strength of regular Round-Up. This means the weeds are affected very quickly, noticeably dying within 24 hours.
  • The speed of the plants decline is determined by weather conditions. Spraying on a hot day will mean the plant will start to deteriorate in only a few hours after application.

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