Whimsical Pots

Episode: 2
Title: Whimsical Pots
Broadcast: 30 August
Presenter: Trevor

If you have a small garden but don’t want to miss out on have beautiful flowers and a bit of interest in the garden, then this Whimsical Pots project is perfect for you.

  • A pot project like this is a great way to add height and a heap of diversity in color, form and shape to any garden.
  • Grab three or four different sized pots with three drainage holes in the base-if your pots only have one, drill another two-a metal rod will go through the central hole, meaning the other two are required for water drainage.
  • The bottom pot must be at least 25cm-30cm in diameter, and each pot above 7 to 10cm smaller
  • Put the pole in the base pot, and fill up tightly with potting pix to ensure it stays in place
  • Mix up your planting with different colored flowers in each pot to make the display an explosion of color
  • Check to make sure each pot has good drainage, and always hand water displays like this.