Three cut pruning method

Episode: 5
Title: Three cut pruning method
Broadcast: 20 September
Presenter: Trevor

Here’s a handy tip for basic pruning of trees and shrubs. How many times have you pruned a branch that has broken unevenly or torn a wound in the tree? This is the three cut method used by professionals.

  • Begin by cutting a notch into the base of the branch about 7 to 8cm before the spot where you intend the final cut to be. Make the cut into the bark but not deep into the branch.
  • For the second cut, move out an inch or two away from the trunk and cut until the joint snaps and the majority of the limb falls off.
  • Tree limbs are heavy, so the first cut acts to prevent the limb from tearing stem tissue as it comes off.
  • Remember, always use a sharp saw and keep the blade clean by wiping it with white spirits before each pruning job. Follow this simple technique and your pruning will be clean and the trees healthy.