Powering through summer with Seasol

Episode: 9
Title: Powering through summer with Seasol
Broadcast: 18th October
Presenter: Darren

Setting your garden up to handle the hot summer months ahead is vitally important this time of the year. It is important for plants to have a strong  healthy root growth but getting strong root growth can be a challenge in some soils so a little helping hand is needed and that’s where Seasol and Powerfeed become so important.

  • Seasol is that amazing soil tonic that stimulates strong root growth and helps plants better handle the extreme heat of summer.
  • It’s great for helping plant recover from transplant shock but when added with powerfeed a rich source of organic nutrients is going to drive strong robust growth.
  • Powerfeed is a great fertilizer, it’s even good for natives and because it’s organically based using fish, emulsion and powerful soil conditioners its gentle on the environment, stimulating beneficial microbes in the soil which rapidly break down organic materials feeding plants over a longer period.
  • The thing is that in some soils you’re going to need to ensure water is penetrating the soil evenly.
  • Seasol developed this wetting agent a few years ago and its ability to act quickly and the fact it’s combined with Seasol means the results are simply amazing, no dry pockets and string healthy growth will emerge after the initial application.

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