DIY Compost

Episode: 7
Title: DIY Compost
Broadcast: 25th April
Presenter: Steve Wood

Making your own compost during winter is so easy and by getting started now, you’ll have a wonderful supply ready to use this Spring. Steve shows how you can make your own supply of compost.

  • The ideal carbon to nitrogen ratio for good compost is around 25:1. Lawn clippings have a ratio around 15:1, while good quality hay will have a carbon to nitrogen ratio of 35:1. The average of the two together is 25:1, making them perfect partners for creating ideal compost.

  • A bale of hay is relatively inexpensive and you can easily mow your own lawn clippings for free. Place them in alternating layers and sprinkle a little blood and bone, and some animal manure in between.

  • The ideal size for a compost heap is around one square metre. This ensures the right amount of heat can build up inside the pile while still letting enough air circulate around the sides to stop it from overheating.

  • Ideally, you should build your cubic metre pile over 2-3 weeks, the let it go to do its work. It’s also important to keep the compost moist, this shouldn’t be hard during the winter months.

  • Good compost enriches our soils and holds onto nutrition, releasing it back to the plants, as they need it. It also retains moisture and helps balance soil pH.