The Ewe

Episode: 2
Title: The Ewe
Broadcast: 14th March
Presenter: Kim

The garden is used for a variety of activities, for some it’s a place to run around with the kids, others it’s a reason to get active and get your hands dirty. For a couple in Ireland’s County Cork, their garden is a living and growing canvas for their fantasy filled artwork that everyone can explore.

  • Only an hour and half’s drive from Cork, The Ewe is a unique combination of nature and art.

  • The Ewe is Ireland’s only interactive sculpture garden.

  • The Ewe takes up two and a half hectares of land, and was designed by Sheena Wood and her writer husband, Kurt.

  • The Ewe is divided into four very distinct areas, the Falling Water Garden, Timeless Glen, Environmental Forest and Valley of Eden.

Contact: Tourism Ireland +61 29964 6900